Terry McAuliffe Launches Gubernatorial Campaign

Hampton Roads area treated to Dem's smiling face during Super Bowl

Among the more delightfully insane people anywhere is Terry McAuliffe, former chairman of both the DNC and the Hillary Clinton campaign for president, who is now a candidate in the 2009 Virginia governor's race.

He is energetic, he's well connected, and he'll probably have the most money. Meaning he will probably win. But the Democratic primary is only four months away, so who knows!

What we know is that he definitely bought an ad during the Super Bowl to air in his native Hampton Roads market. This marks "the earliest that any statewide candidate in Virginia has ever launched a paid media campaign," according to the Washington Post.

This ad is, of course, just what America needs right now: more politics, earlier in the election cycle, forever. Things will be getting earlier and earlier each cycle that you're likely to see a 2016 presidential race ad on TV before seeing any for 2012.

Anyway, Terry looks rather chipper in his first ad, just like he did that other time, when he drank a bottle of rum on MSNBC. Or that other other time, when he rode a mechanical bull in a trashy late-night New York City dive bar:

Jim Newell is also governor of Wonkette and IvyGate.

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