Teens Accused of Torturing Boy, 16, With Intellectual Disability

Two teenage girls are behind bars following allegations they tortured a boy with "a diminished mental capacity."

The St. Mary's County Sheriff's Office said 17-year-old Lauren Bush and a 15-year-old girl recorded the assaults against the 16-year-old victim on their cell phones. The teens allegedly stabbed the victim, dragged him by his hair and forced him to perform various sex acts.

Investigators said the suspects also coerced the teen to walk on a partially frozen pond, which resulted in him falling through the ice several times. Each time, police said, the suspects refused to help the boy out of the frigid water.

Both girls have been charged with two counts of first-degree assault, two counts of second-degree assault, soliciting the subject in the production of child pornography, and false imprisonment.

Bush was charged as an adult. She is being held at the St. Mary's County Detention Center. The other teen is being detained at the Waxter's Children's Center.

The St. Mary's County public defender's office had no comment on the case at this time.

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