Teenage Girl's Death Threat Report Leads to Discovery of Missing Teens

A Fairfax County police gang-related investigation led to the discovery of missing teenage girls.

Two teenage girls walked away from what’s known as the “less secure” juvenile shelter, a Fairfax County facility, on March 10.

“The next day in a completely separate incident, a 16-year-old reported her ex-boyfriend threatened to kill her,” said Tawny Wright, of Fairfax County police.

She told police her ex-boyfriend contacted her on Facebook Messenger and said he “has no problem coming after her and killing her," according to search warrant documents. He sent photos of shotgun ammunition and of him pointing a handgun throwing up gang hand signs.

To taunt her further, he sent photos of two teen girls he claimed were living with him. The 16-year-old girl told police she thought they were runaways.

“The teenage girl who reported her ex-boyfriend was trying to kill her, we want reports like that,” Wright said. “That is a crime nobody should be in fear for their life. We absolutely encourage anyone whose life is in danger to contact police.”

Gang investigators quickly found both teens missing from the juvenile facility, police said. One of them was discovered when police went to arrest the threat suspect, 19-year-old Manuel Lopez Aguilar.


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The investigation also led to a third runaway – a 14-year-old girl found in Maryland.

Aguilar is in jail charged with making threats to kill.

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