Teen Says He Sneaked Crab into Capitals’ Game, Threw It on Ice

Nashville slings catfish. Detroit tosses octopuses. Our greatest foe, Las Vegas, flings pink flamingos.

And now, D.C. lobs... crabs?

Jack Merritt admitted he was the culprit who, after Saturday's historic win, tossed a crab onto the Capital's home ice.

The 15-year-old high school student from Chevy Chase took the risky move an effort to inspire Capitals fans to pick up a tradition seen in many cities.

He asked: "We gotta one up Vegas, and what better way to represent the DMV than with crabs?"

Merritt bought a crab from a local restaurant before Game 3 and brought it into the arena with hope, luck and a plan.

You can't just stroll into Capital One Arena holding a crab. Merritt had to do his research and take special precautions.

"You wear two pairs of underwear and stick it in between the two pairs. Use your jersey to cover it up," he told News4.

Merritt walked right past security. He didn't mention how long he kept the crab in his pants.

He got down to the lower bowl from his upper-deck seats and managed to get the crab on the ice after the Capitals beat the Golden Knights 3-1 to take a 2-1 series lead.

The hunt was on for the crab tosser after the Capitals' official Twitter account posted a picture of the clean up effort:

"It was definitely worth it," Merritt concluded.

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