Teachers Accused of Smoking Marijuana Inside Elementary School

Two Virginia elementary school teachers were charged with possession and suspended and a third teacher was put on administrative leave following accusations they used marijuana inside the school.

Someone told police three teachers regularly smoked marijuana and hashish together in the physical education office at Taylor Elementary School in Arlington, according to court documents. They smoked before school started and tried to use air freshener to cover the scent, the informant said.

Police executed two search warrants at the school – one inside the school and one for a car.

PE teachers Luke Lloyd, 25, and Michael Diaddigo, 28, are charged with possession of marijuana and were suspended from the school.

The police informant also said Diaddigo distributed marijuana to other teachers on school property.

A third teacher is on administrative leave pending the outcome of the investigation.

“As educators, we are obviously shocked and dismayed by this news, and our first concern has been for our students,” a letter from the principal to parents said. “We believe the investigation is only focused on the adults and does not involve any of their interactions with our children.”

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