Four T.C. Williams High School Students Accused of “Upskirting” Teacher

An 18-year-old has been charged, others remain under investigation

Four T.C. Williams High School students are accused of upskirting their female teacher, police said. 

According to court documents, the teens took several cell phone photos and one video -- which has since been deleted -- of their female teacher's buttocks and bare thighs during class, without her knowledge.

One of the teens took similar photos of another female teacher during class, the documents said.

Another student witnessed both incidents and notified administrators.

Elias Castellon Diaz, 18, has been charged with a misdemeanor, while three others are under investigation. 

Alexandria City Public Schools released the following statement Tuesday in connection with the incidents:

"Alexandria City Public Schools cannot comment on a police investigation. We take the allegations very seriously and are cooperating fully with the police. We will take any necessary disciplinary actions and do all we can to protect our teachers and students in the classroom. Any further questions can be directed to the Alexandria Police Department." 

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