Taxation Without Representation Street? Not So Fast …

No plans to officially change the name of South Capitol St.

Get out the paint and the new green signs, South Capitol Street is changing ... well, sort of.

The D.C. Council passed an act Tuesday, to rename the section of the street near Nationals Park as "Taxation Without Representation St. SE."

Many claim the new name is mostly ceremonial in nature, much like "Abe Polin Way" around the Verizon Center. Neither the city's Department of Transportation, nor the United States Postal Service have plans to actually rename the street. However, some council members are pushing hard for the address change.

"Somebody needs to enforce it," Ward 2 Councilman Jack Evans, a co-sponsor of the Act, told the Washington Examiner. "I think it's a good message." (The message being, that D.C. does not have a vote in Congress.)

The most prominent residents affected by this change are the Washington Nationals, who still list their address as 1500 South Capitol. A team spokeswoman told the Examiner that team President Stan Kasten would make that decision.

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