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Tax-Free Week Continues in Maryland

Maryland's tax-free holiday began this weekend

NBC 5 News

Maryland's tax-free week will run until Aug. 14 as students go back to school.

“Maryland’s high vaccination rates means life is beginning to return to normal. While I continue to urge caution, Maryland should take advantage of tax-free week savings and support locally owned businesses that have been hit hard during the pandemic,” Peter Franchot, Maryland’s comptroller, said in a press release.

Maryland published a list of clothing, footwear and accessories sold for $100 or less that are exempt from tax. Backpacks and bookbags that cost less than $40 are exempt as well.

Online shopping is included in the tax-free holiday in Virginia and in Maryland.

“An eligible item may qualify for exemption if the item is both paid for by the customer and delivered to the customer during the tax-free period or the customer pays for the item and the retailer accepts the order for immediate shipment, even if the item is delivered after the tax-free period ends,” according to a document published by Shop Maryland.

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