Swastika Found in Bathroom Stall at Bethesda Elementary School

Hateful graffiti was found inside a bathroom stall at an elementary school in Bethesda, Maryland, school officials say.

Someone discovered a swastika and a curse word inside the boys' restroom stall at Bannockburn Elementary School on Tuesday, according to a letter Principal Kate Bradley sent to parents. The bathroom is in the hallway where fourth and fifth grade students take classes.

"This behavior does not reflect the values of our school and will not be tolerated," Bradley wrote.

Bradley said the school was unsure of how many students saw the swastika before it was removed.

In response to the vandalism, the school is having students sign out to use the bathroom and staff are checking the bathroom hourly.

Bradley said teachers will "continue lessons on our Character Cat traits of kindness, empathy, and respect. Our entire staff is committed to promoting positive behaviors that we expect from our student body and community."

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