Suspended Prince George's Officers Return to Duty

Police panel made recommendations after investigating the cases

Seven Prince George’s County police officers have returned to full duty, according to the department.

A department review panel decided to bring the officers back this week. The police union praised the move.

Vince Canales, president of the county’s fraternal order of police, said the decision to restore the seven officers shows a “different mentality and mind-set.”

But some community leaders question how thoroughly the officers were investigated, according to The Washington Post.

Hakim Muhammad, president, of the Kingswood Civic Association and a member of the broader Coalition of Prince George’s County Organizations and Leaders, said he is “suspicious” because so many officers were returned to duty so quickly.

“I’m just really curious as to how thoroughly they’ve investigated the officers,” he said. “Something’s wrong with that picture”.

Police said 39 officers remain suspended or on desk duty following a string of allegations involving drugs, unprovoked assaults and other crimes.

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