Suspects Wanted for Stealing Tires and Rims Off Vehicles in Arlington

Bold thieves are ripping off tires and rims from vehicles in Arlington, police say.

In just minutes, the suspects strip the vehicles of all four tires and leave them sitting on concrete blocks.

Arlington County police said three vehicles' tires have been stolen this month.

On Sept. 8, thieves stole the tires and rims off of a Honda Accord parked in the 1600 block of South Joyce Street. Police were called about the car about 7:15 a.m.

"There was a car, a newer Honda and it had no tires. It seemed kind of odd because there was not jack, nothing. Just blocks," said Brett Warnebold, who saw the car. "You knew something was up because it was sitting kind of funny."

Just around the corner, the suspects did the same to another Honda Accord parked at the Horizon House Condominium parking garage at 1300 Army Navy Drive. Police arrived to that scene about 7:30 a.m.

Surveillance video shows the two thieves pull up to the site of the second robbery in what appears to be a light colored four-door sedan. The suspects go back and forth holding tools and taking the tires and shoving them in the backseat of their car.

Then, one of them gets the final tire and puts it right in his lap in the passenger seat before the other suspect drives away.

Police described the first suspect as a male wearing a hooded jacket, pants and gloves. The second suspect is described as a medium to dark skinned male with a beard and skull cap.

Management at Horizon House Condominium warned its residents about the theft.

Police said the suspects took the tires and rims off of a Porche SUV early Tuesday morning at a parking garage in the 900 block of South 15th Street.

Officers found the SUV on plastic crates. The suspects repositioned a security camera in the garage and broke the passenger window to the SUV, police said.

Police believe the suspects are selling the tires.

To prevent your wheels from being stolen, police said drivers should park at an angle so it is harder for thieves to take the tires off and to use wheel locks.

Police also advise not to let people follow behind you into garages with restricted access.

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