Suspects Caught on Hidden Camera During Apt. Burglary

Burglars have repeatedly broken into an apartment in northwest Washington, but were caught on a hidden camera during their latest heist.

Tommy Rossman and Robert Scarduzio share an apartment on Euclid Street. They showed News4’s Chris Gordon a video that was recorded around noon on Wednesday, Nov. 26.

The video shows three suspects break through the front door and steal various items from the apartment. Computer gear, electronics, and watches were taken.

After about 10 minutes, the men found the hidden camera, but it had already captured their actions. One of the pieces of equipment stolen was an iPad Mini. Rossman said he began using the “Find my iPad” feature available for Apple electronics.

"I was able to track to three different locations where they spent an extended amount of time,” Rossman said. “We were hoping the police detectives when they were here would be able to go and check that out but they never showed up."

Metropolitan police detectives are calling the three men, “persons of interest.” and ask anyone who recognizes them to contact police.

Rossman and Scarduzio said their place has been burglarized three times in the past seven months. However, they don’t want to move because then the burglars would win.

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