Suspected Pimps, Johns Busted in Operation Off the Streets

Officials called Operation Off the Streets a success last week. D.C. police said they arrested 74 people in a downtown sting targeting prostitution Thursday and Friday.

The crackdown followed complaints about prostitution from the community, Inspector Brian Bray said.

The arrests, including 54 accused of trying to solicit prostitutes and four suspected pimps, took place on streets and alleys where female officers posed as prostitutes. Two men were arrested when they tried to rob what they thought was a prostitute but was actually an undercover officer.

Some hotels downtown assisted the operation by providing information about the prostitution trade in the area.

The 54 men accused of seeking prostitutes are due in court later this month. They face a $1,000 fines and up to six months in jail or may be placed in anti-prostitution courses.

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