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Suspected Peeping Tom Caught on Security Video in Northwest DC

Man appeared to be recording through window of home

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A suspected peeping Tom was caught on security camera apparently recording the occupants of a home in Northwest D.C.

The security video from Wednesday night shows a man in a green baseball hat turned backward, wearing a face mask and glasses, climbing the outdoor stairs of an apartment building in the Dupont Circle area. He holds his phone up to a window.

Women in the area — many of whom have seen the man’s picture in a tweet from the Metropolitan Police Department and on other social media — said they’re taking extra safety precautions.

“You gotta always just be careful and aware, and as a neighborhood we just gotta watch out for that,” one woman said.

One neighbor said the man appeared to be unaware that his actions were being recorded despite almost every home and apartment building in the area having some type of security camera at either the front, the back or both. 

“People who have that mindset will do this repeatedly,” another woman said. “That’s well known. It’s at least the third time he’s been here, because we saw him one, they saw him once and then they got him on camera.”

The images of the peeping Tom became widely circulated online. Many people shared the video with others who had not seen it in hopes the man would be caught and arrested soon. 

There are no other similar reports in the area, but police hope anyone who has seen the man will give them a call.

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