Police: Suspect Shoots Man, Climbs Firetruck Naked

Police say a 24-year-old man high on PCP and found naked atop a fire truck has been arrested for shooting a childhood friend.

Officers responded to a car accident in the 11900 block of Beltsville Drive in Calverton, Md., at approximately 6 p.m. Wednesday. There, they found William Powell inside a car suffering from a gunshot wound to the head.

Powell was transported to a hospital, where he is in critical but stable condition and awaiting neurosurgery.

Meanwhile, officers were called to the Giant Supermarket in the Calverton Shopping Center, where a man was reportedly naked. When officers arrived, they found the suspect, Mohamed Sulaiman Bah of Silver Spring, on top of a fire truck, acting "belligerently." According to charging documents, Bah was screaming that "he was going to kill everyone" and refused to come down.

Bah climbed down a few minutes later, and an officer used a stun gun to subdue him. Police say a .38 special revolver used in the Beltsville Drive shooting was recovered from the scene.

According to a witness who was driving Powell and Bah, he picked the men up 30 minutes earlier and noticed Bah was acting strangely. The witness says Bah turned towards the backseat and shot Powell. He says Bah then told him to "Keep driving," but  he instead fled the scene in search of help.

Bah was charged with attempted murder, first-degree assault and other charges.


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