Suspect: Metro Stabbing Victim Had Knife

Preliminary hearing due to continue Monday

The teenager who was stabbed to death at the Woodley Park Metro station was carrying a knife of his own, according to one of the suspects in the case.

According to The Washington Post, D.C. homicide detective Robert Arrington Jr. testified in a preliminary hearing Friday that one of the suspects told investigators that 18-year-old Olijawon Griffin had the weapon when he was robbed of his designer jacket, baseball cap, and iPhone.

Griffin was stabbed to death in the early morning hours of November 17, after he and a friend confronted Griffin's alleged robbers in the Metro station.

The assertion by the suspect contradicts a 16-second video clip that was shown to the hearing's judge, the defendants in the case, and the lawyers by the case's prosecutors. Others in the courtroom were only able to hear the tape's audio, but Arrington testified that Griffin encouraged his attackers to fight him with fists, while the video does not show Griffin holding a knife.

17-year-old Chavez Myers has been charged as an adult with second-degree murder while armed and assault with a dangerous weapon. Four other 17-year-olds have been charged as adults with armed robbery, and two 15-year-olds and two 16-year-olds were charged as juveniles in the case.

The hearing will determine of Judge Ronna Beck will release any of the teens. It is expected to continue Monday.

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