Survivor in Drunk Driving Crash Testifies

A man who survived a drunk driving crash in which three of his family members were killed spoke out in court Monday.

The accident happened during the early morning hours of June 5, 2011 in Prince George's County.

Harry Easter is accused of drunk driving and reaching speeds up to 89 mph when his GMC Yukon struck a Mazda from behind along Indian Head Highway.

The Mazda's driver Eugene Johnson, his wife Cordelia Roberts and her sister Gwendolyn Demby were killed in the accident.

Demby's husband, Timothy Demby, was sitting in the passenger's seat and was seriously injured. He testified against Easter this week, saying he remembered looking back to check on his wife and Roberts only to see they were both thrown out by the impact of the car hitting a tree.

In court Monday, the first jury panel was dismissed when a family member held up an obituary with pictures of the victims.

Additionally, evidence showed Easter's blood alcohol content was .24 percent, three times the legal limit.

If convicted, Easter could face 33 years behind bars on manslaughter charges and other driving offenses.

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