Surveillance Video Linked Charles Severance to Three Alexandria Murders

Surveillance video of a red Ford Escort helped link Charles Severance to the murders of three Alexandria residents.

The video was uncovered during the investigation into Ruthanne Lodato's November 2013 shooting death. Surveillance video shows the red car speeding away from the area of Lodato's home at the time of the murder, according to a March 2014 search warrant.

The video doesn't show the car's plates, but police have obtained surveillance video from outside the Russian Embassy in Northwest where Severance attempted to seek asylum about a month later.

Police have not yet revealed any other evidence linking Severance, 53, to the deaths of Nancy Dunning and Ronald Kirby, but have said the same gun was used in all three murders. All three were high-profile members of the community, gunned down at their front doors.

Severance is due in court Thursday for the beginning of his multiple-murder trial.

The Lodato and Kirby slayings carry a potential death sentence, but prosecutors have indicated they won't seek Severance's execution.

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