Summer Camp Is Canceled in Montgomery County

Here’s where we are Tuesday in the fight against coronavirus in the D.C. area, and how life continues to be changed

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As many families in the D.C. area wait to see if kids will be headed to summer camp, Montgomery County said their county-run camps are canceled. 

“All summer camps are currently canceled, and we are working to process refunds,” the county recreation department said in a letter. 

County recreation officials are working with the county health department on what is possible amid the coronavirus pandemic, division chief Adriane Clutter said on a YouTube video published Monday

“We don’t know what summer will look like yet, but we’re getting ready. We’re Recreation and summer is what we do,” she said. 

Registration is still open for camps elsewhere in the D.C. area. 

Here’s where we are Tuesday in the fight against coronavirus in the D.C. area. 

More than 65,000 people in our region have been diagnosed with the virus. At least 2,843 people have died. Go here to dig through the data

A mysterious illness believed to be linked to COVID-19 is affecting more children across the country, and at least three pediatric patients in the D.C. area are being treated for it as doctors search for answers. Doctors are calling the rare but serious illness pediatric multi-system inflammatory syndrome. 

"They tend to have no respiratory symptoms and are coming in with high fever, abdominal pain,” said Dr. Roberta DeBiasi, the chief of infectious diseases at Children's National Hospital. 

A mysterious illness possibly linked to COVID-19 is affecting more children across the country. At least three children in the D.C. area are being treated for it right now as doctors nationwide search for answers. News4's Doreen Gentzler explains the symptoms to look out for.

Maryland's Secretary of the Environment says that the coronavirus pandemic has reinforced the need to transform transportation in the state. Secretary Ben Grumbles told the Capital Gazette that Maryland environment officials have had an opportunity to measure diminished traffic and its impact on air quality.

Traffic from light-duty vehicles such as cars and SUVs is down by more than half along I-95 in Maryland. Satellite observations have indicated that levels of nitrogen dioxide in March were 30% below the average along the corridor between Washington and Boston. 

A community garden at University of Maryland used to be a teaching tool. Now the vegetables and herbs are donated to the school’s food pantry. An estimated one in five students is dealing with food insecurity. 

The University of Maryland's community garden was a teaching tool that has now become a necessity for people in need amid the coronavirus pandemic. The fresh vegetables and herbs grown there are distributed at the school's free food pantry. News4's Tracee Wilkins reports.

And now something sweet: Twelve-year-old Christian Willis, a sixth-grader in Woodbridge, raised $900 for a food pantry to help kids without access to school meals during the pandemic. He called family and friends and delivered a pitch he prepared. 

“I learned that if you care enough, you can do anything,” he said. 

One sixth grader from Woobridge, Virginia raised $900 for a local food pantry to give other kids access to healthy lunches during the coronavirus pandemic. News4's Pat Collins has the story.

Neither D.C.’s mayor nor the governors of Maryland or Virginia are scheduled to address the public on Tuesday. 

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