‘Sudden Excessive Braking' of Lime Scooters Injures Riders

Lime scooter riders should take caution when riding downhill at high speeds because of a newly discovered bug in the scooters that causes "sudden excessive braking," the company announced on Saturday.

The company said they found a firmware bug that can cause extreme braking during use. The issue has affected less than 0.0045 percent of all Lime rides, the company said, but it's caused some riders to be injured, mostly with bumps and bruises. The company didn't immediately respond to a question of whether any more serious injuries occurred.

The bug is usually triggered in "very rare cases," such as hitting a pothole or other obstacle while riding downhill at a high speed. This forces the brakes of the front wheel to stop the scooter unexpectedly.

"Like all forms of transportation, there is risk that we work to mitigate but cannot entirely eliminate," the company's statement said. "Data shows scooters are a safe form of transportation, comparable to or safer than bicycles. But there are risks even if they are very small."

Lime said they've developed and rolled out a series of updates to their scooters that immediately reduced the number of sudden braking incidents. The company said that a final update is expected to be completed soon.

The company asks that riders inspect their scooters for any signs that they wouldn't be safe to ride before beginning their trips. Riders should also test their scooters' brakes with a tight squeeze as they begin their rides.

Last November, Lime recalled their scooters after reports that some were breaking during use. Scooters made by the Chinese company Okai Vehicles were taken off streets in all cities where they operate under Lime.

If Lime riders have any questions or concerns, they can contact Lime's customer support team.

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