Study: Virginia Most Impacted by Government Shutdown

While the entire country is dealing with the government shutdown, a new study shows the D.C. area is suffering the most.

Wallet Hub, an online personal finance company, ranked which states are feeling the biggest impact. Coming in at number one is Virginia; D.C. comes in at number four, and Maryland follows at number six.

The study took into account seven key areas affected by the shutdown, including the number of federal workers per capita, federal contracts per capita, small business lending per capita, student financial aid applications per capita, and the number of veterans per capita.

See below for a map of the most and least affected states (1 = most affected).


Virginia's large number of federal workers and federal contract dollars helped net it the number one position. Virginia's Loundoun County has over 9,000 federal workers, NBC's Tracie Potts reported.

D.C., Virginia, and Maryland also receive the most federal contract money per capita. Twenty-five percent of the Commonwealth's Fortune 500 companies have federal contracts. Having the second highest number of veterans in the country also pushed Virginia to the top.

Wallet Hub also found that red states are seeing more impact from the shutdown than blue states.

The shutdown has furloughed 350,000 federal workers, impeded various government services, put continued operations of the federal courts in doubt and stopped the IRS from processing tax refunds. Some parks and monuments remain closed, drawing a protest at the National World War II Memorial on Sunday that included tea party-backed lawmakers who had unsuccessfully demanded defunding of President Barack Obama's 3-year-old health care law in exchange for keeping the government open.

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