D.C. Drivers Deemed Area's Worst: Study

Ask someone from Virginia and they may say the worst drivers in the area are the ones who reside in Maryland while Marylanders may insist Virginians are the worst.

Well, a new study says it has figured out where the worst drivers in D.C. actually live.

Drum roll, please.

It's the District.

D.C. drivers were involved in 37 percent of accidents on the city's residential streets, major arteries and highways in 2012, according to Howard University’s Transportation Safety Data Center.

Meanwhile, drivers in Maryland were involved in 33.1 percent of crashes in 2012. Those with Virginia-issued driver’s licenses were involved in 13.8 percent of collisions that same year. The rest were from other states or unknown locations.

Traffic data going back a decade shows the pattern holds true. "Maryland drivers were involved in four out of ten crashes in the District in the period, and District drivers were in the same range," the report states.

“[T]he majority of the vehicles in crashes have a license plate from Washington, D.C. and Maryland,” explains DDOT and the Transportation Safety Data Center.

Male drivers were also more likely to become involved in a crash in the District than female drivers, with men involved in 64 percent of crashes in 2012, AAA reports.

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