Students Petition to Get Tackling Teacher Back

HAGERSTOWN, Md. -- When we were in high school, "substitute" meant the lunatics could run the asylum, but some students at South Hagerstown High seem to want a return to martial law.

An online petition states James Knodle was suspended for using excessive force when he allegedly tackled an insubordinate student.

A letter that accompanies the petition praises Knodle's teaching ability and argues that he didn't use excessive force.

Police found no record of a police response to the school involving Knodle, the Herald-Mail reported. Knodle and a Washington Public Schools spokesman both declined to comment to the Herald-Mail about the matter.

Sarah Riley, the student government's recording secretary, presented the petition to the school board last week, the Herald-Mail reported. She said Knodle, a social studies teacher and softball coach, has been suspended since April 23.

A long-term is teaching Knodle's classes.

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