Student Dismissed From Maryland School After Video With Racial Slurs Posted on Twitter

The student was quoting "horrible language" from the movie "Django Unchained," according to one of his parents

Social media video of a teen's expletive-laden racial remarks has ignited a firestorm at the Maryland private school he attended.

The video — recorded at a party Saturday night and posted on Twitter — divided the Bullis School community in Potomac and raised questions about racism.

"It’s 'cause you’re [racial slur]. What up [slur]? I’m a [expletive] lynch your [expletive]," the student says in the video. "You’re my [expletive] slaves. I’m going to get my dogs to beat your [expletive]."

What happened before or after the video is unclear, but the teen's parent told News4 the student was studying Civil War racism and quoting "horrible language" from the movie "Django Unchained."

The student, a senior, released a statement saying he was unaware he was being recorded and that his words were taken out of context.

"I have to tell you though that while I admit that my words were disgusting and offensive they were not my words in that I was attempting to portray parts of a movie and replicate their language," the statement reads.

Bullis School dismissed the student, but he has the right to appeal for reinstatement.

"I was disappointed for what was said. I was disappointed for the situation my colleague was put in," said fellow Bullis student Robert Washington. "I feel bad for what has to happen or this path that has been changed for him."

A protest was held on campus Thursday night. A second protest scheduled for Friday was canceled and instead, the school called 18 student leaders together to discuss a plan of action.

"It’s been an unfortunate incident, and now we’re trying to bring the community back," senior Doris Lu said.

The students will bring about change on campus, according to Head of School Gerald Boarman.

"We have student-led organizations that are developing focus groups, opportunities for the students to express themselves," Boarman said. "This is a situation that has been hurtful."

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