Stripper Says She Was Fired for ‘Undesirable' Tattoo

An exotic dancer has sued the club where she works, saying she was fired for having an "undesirable tattoo."

Talayna Clements has a large tattoo down her side that spells out "LOVE" - in weaponry. The "L" is a handgun, the "O" is a hand grenade, the "V" is a switchblade and the "E" is a machine gun. (A section of her tattoo is visible here. This photo may not be appropriate for all readers.)

Clements - who dances under the name "Casey" - is suing the Stadium Club, a club on Queens Chapel Road, NE. Her lawsuit was filed Wednesday in federal court.

Clements also claims that she was denied minimum wage and was sexually harassed on the job. After being fired because of the tattoo, she claimed, she begged for her job back - but once she got it back she was forced to perform sex acts on her boss, the lawsuit said.

Clements also claims she was not paid a minimum wage while she danced. Exotic dancers sometimes dance for tips, though some have sued in the past, claiming the practice is a violation of labor laws.

NBCWashington called the club for comment, but our calls were not answered and the club has not yet replied to a voice message.

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