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Storm Team4: Winter Is Coming. We Answered Your Questions on Reddit

Ask us anything: NBC4 and Telemundo 44 meteorologists answered your questions on Reddit


Can we look forward to a lot of snow days this winter? And how does a blob in the Pacific Ocean help us predict the weather on the East Coast? What's a great book about meteorology?

Winter is coming, and NBC4 and Telemundo 44 meteorologists Doug Kammerer, Amelia Draper and Joseph Martinez answered your weather questions Wednesday afternoon on Reddit.

Go here to see their answers on Reddit.com/r/IAmA.

For the unfamiliar, IAmA stands for "I am a _____, ask me anything." In this case, Doug, Amelia and Joseph are a team of meteorologists who produce a long-range winter forecast every year using years of scientific education and experience.

Storm Team4's Winter Weather Outlook predicts a colder winter than usual.

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