Storm Team4: Tracking Spring

Spring at last in Washington -- but that brings a volatile weather season

Spring has sprung at last in Washington -- great news after a particularly cold and snowy late winter season.

However, spring brings not only cherry blossoms -- but also dangerously volatile weather. In our spring weather special, Storm Team4 takes a look at what we can expect this season.

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Doug Kammerer, Chief Meteorologist

Chuck Bell, Meteorologist

Veronica Johnson, Meteorologist

Tom Kierein,Meteorologist

Amelia Segal, Meteorologist

The Long Winter of 2014-2015
[[298301201, C]]

Always Spring at the U.S. Botanic Gardens
[[298302371, C]]

Spring in Washington Brings Severe Weather
[[298301751, C]]

Road Crews Transition from Winter to Spring
[[298316101, C]]

Late Winter Ice Breaking Impacts Waterways
[[298301741, C]]

Storm Team4 on WTOP Radio
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