Stephen Strasburg Plans To Keep Pitching, Watch Golf Channel

Washington Nationals ace Stephen Strasburg put on another masterful performance Tuesday against the Atlanta Braves, allowing just one run on four hits in six innings (not to mention 10 strikeouts, which you can see below) as he earned his 15th win of the season in the Nats' 4-1 victory.

Washington's seven-game lead over Atlanta in the NL East is its biggest of the season.

Yet, the only number that seemed to matter after the game was 145.1, which of course you know by now is the total number of innings that Strasburg has pitched this season. With his inevitable shutdown not far off, the discussion of whether or not it is a good idea continues to escalate.

Meanwhile, the owner of the elbow at the center of this debate can hear everything being said, but is choosing not to listen. He'd rather focus on more relaxing pursuits.

“Nobody talks to me personally about it,” he said to reporters after the game, “So obviously I can either scour the Internet, watch all the stuff being said on TV or I can just keep pitching and watch the Golf Channel, I guess.”

I don't really have anything to say to that, but it gives me an excuse to pull out this old picture of Strasburg's miniature golf scorecard:

(Photo credit: @Stras37)

Looks like somebody has a contingency plan.

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