Steep Climb for Gas Prices in D.C. Area

Gas prices on steady climb since the holidays

Gas prices in the region have been climbing steadily this year, a trend that could continue straight through through spring.

Since the holiday season - gas prices have risen by $.42 in the D.C. area, from an average $3.32 a gallon to a wallet-stretching $3.74.

Prices in the District are much higher than the rest of the country - the national average is $3.50 a gallon.

In Maryland, gas currently averages $3.62 a gallon.  In Virginia, gas averages $3.52.

Why so much pain at the pump?  Analysts say rising tensions in the Middle East - as well as the more expensive switch to summer grades of gasoline both contribute to elevated prices.

Unfortunately, the trend may not turn around anytime soon.  Analysts predict gas prices could skyrocket to over 4-dollars by Memorial Day.

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