Bad News, Starbucks Fans: 5 DC Locations to Close

About a 10th of the 50 Starbucks locations in D.C. will be shut down by the end of March

Editor's Note (Feb. 25, 2019, 12:10 p.m. ET) Starbucks confirmed that a fifth location in D.C. recently closed.

 Whether you love or hate Starbucks, there are about to be fewer locations in D.C. 

At least five Starbucks locations in the District are set to be closed soon, after the coffee giant announced closures nationwide. 

D.C. locations near Dupont Circle, near the Metro Center station, on H Street and on Wisconsin Avenue close to the Naval Observatory will close, store managers told News4. 

The affected locations and closure dates are as follows:

  • 1301 Connecticut Ave. NW, closed in December 2018
  • 21st and P streets NW, closed Feb. 21
  • 9th and G streets NW, closing Feb. 22
  • 2300 Wisconsin Ave. NW, closing March 30
  • 77 H St. NW, unclear when closed

This means about a 10th of the 50 Starbucks locations in D.C. will be shut down by the end of March.

For comparison, there are more than twice as many Starbucks locations as McDonald’s locations in the city. 

A Starbucks corporate representative did not answer a question about why the stores would close. But a company statement released in June 2018 said Starbucks would close 150 stores across the country that had low sales. 

According to the memo, Starbucks has closed “up to 50” locations annually in previous years.

One bit of good news for Starbucks fans: They now deliver in D.C.

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