Speed Cams Go Up in Md. Work Zones

The sign reads "Notice: Speed Photo Enforced Work Zone." The Maryland State Highway Administration wants drivers to be alert, drive responsibly and obey the posted speed limit. Orange cones and barrels designate the work zones, and speed cameras are expected to slow traffic and protect construction crews and motorists.

The work zones are located along the Inner Loop of the Beltway before the Northwest Branch Bridge in Silver Spring and in Prince George’s County where they are resurfacing 5 miles of southbound I-95/I-495.

"If you are traveling 12 miles or more above the posted speed limit, which means 67 miles an hour or more in this particular work zone, then you will be issued a citation for $40," Maryland State Highway Administration spokeswoman Lora Rakowski said.

No points will be assessed on licenses for camera-generated speed tickets.

Maryland safe zones rotate mobile enforcement vehicles using laser technology as well as automated speed enforcement signs.

The work on the Beltway in Prince George’s County between Pennsylvania and Branch avenues will only be going on until November, but it is expected that the work on the Inner Loop in Silver Spring will take about two years, so motorists are warned to slow down for safety.

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