Some Member of Metro’s Largest Union Want to Vote Out Their President

Some members of Metro’s largest union upset with the direction of union leadership want to vote out its president.

They accuse Amalgamated Transit Union Local 689 President Jackie Jeter of putting her interests ahead of the union.

"Part of that has contributed to the way people are treated,” former Metrobus operator Sidney Davis said. “Treatment, tactical things that prohibits people from having a full embrace of their security, that impacts the workforce."

"They talk about Metro management, but the morale through membership has never been so low," train operator Michelangelo Metcalf said.

The group says it will vote in the coming days to remove Jeter, but they also claim Jeter has, in so many words, rigged elections to stay in office. A Department of Labor investigation looking into some of those claims is ongoing.

Jackie Jeter was not available for comment herself, but the union said there is no proof anything has been rigged, and they claim these current and former employees are simply disgruntled.

"Certain people have a right to choose the way they feel, but the election has come down, there's a legal process and we are still dealing with the legal process,” said Carroll Thomas of Local 689.

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