Some Ft. Washington Residents Get Closure After Slope Failure

Some Fort Washington residents whose homes were deemed uninhabitable earlier this year due to a destructive slope failure are getting relief.

A slope along Fort Washington's Piscataway Hills neighborhood collapsed during a landslide in May, causing the evacuation of 28 residences. 

Residents have been pushed out of their neighborhood for months, while the county and federal government searched for solutions.

Six homeowners have been notified they will be bought out by Prince George's County.

"Each homeowner will be worked with in terms of negotiating a fair market value of their house," Scott Peterson with Prince George's County said.

Tracy Rookard is one of those homeowners. Since May, she's been living in hotels and with neighbors, all while still paying her mortage.

"This is the beginning of the end," Rookard said. "I still have a mortage to pay, I'm still paying it."

Major repairs to the road will start in the spring.

"We will be sitting down with the county to look at ... how we can stay in our homes during construction and not be displaced," resident Dawn Taylor said. "I think it's probably the best news we've had in a really long time. We sacrificed our personal lives, our professional lives, to collaborate with the county and city officials to figure out what to do."

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