Some Call Shutdown “Growing Pain”

Amid the cries for the federal government to reopen, there are growing voices of those who support the shutdown.

Warrenton-area resident, Linda Marcuccilli, said the shutdown isn't affecting her in a bad way.

“I think that it probably should have happened a long time ago," Marcuccilli said. 

Marcuccilli’s friend, Tammy Judge, agreed. They both believe the longer the shutdown, the better our nation in the long-term.

“When you’re growing it’s kind of like growing pains, trying to back into the way things used to be, and it’s like you need to go through a little bit of pain,” Judge said.

Karen Loving said she disagrees with the pro-shutdown mentality. She said she worries about the impact it's had on those who work at the Library of Congress Film Archives in Culpeper -- also closed as a result of the shutdown.

“It’s children acting out in our congress,” Loving said.

Culpeper resident Neil Mairs agreed.

“I want to see it end right now. Get back to work; see what you need to do. Stop arguing with each other and make the country better,” Mairs said.

But Marcuccilli holds onto the belief, this shutdown will make the nation stronger.

“We knew it was coming and this is what you have to go through to get what you want,” she said.

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