Northern Virginia

1,200-Acre Solar Farm Able to Power 25,000 Homes Proposed for Dulles International Airport

Imagine flying out of Dulles International Airport gliding over 1,200 acres of solar panels — enough to cover more than 900 football fields.

That could happen within fewer than five years under a plan from Dominion Energy and the Metropolitan Washington Airports Authority.

Dominion Energy and the MWAA are exploring a large-scale solar energy project that would be the largest in Northern Virginia. Dominion says at peak output, the 100-megawatt development could power up to 25,000 homes.

The project is in its earliest stages now: Dominion Energy recently signed a sublease with the Airports Authority to begin feasibility studies. Dominion says that the farm could become active as soon as 2023.

Dominion said in a press release that the company has filed the interconnect the project to the grid that serves D.C. and 13 states.

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