Tips for Snow Removal Around Your Home

As you head outside to dig out of your driveway and clear your sidewalks, there are some other places around your home you may have to clear.

Snow drifts may have built up against your house during the winter weather and could block important vents.

To start, clear your dryer vent. If it's blocked, you can cause a fire in your dryer.

If you have a gas fire place or high efficiency gas furnace, be sure the vent outside is cleared.

When it comes to heat pumps, make sure they're clear of ice and snow. Homeowners should clear the top, sides, bottom and around the heat pump. If you cannot get to the unit to clear it off, heating contractors say turn your thermostat to emergency heat or off.

And one other thing you may not realize -- do not leave your gas meter covered in snow. Gas meters have vents and if they're blocked, they can cause gas to leak outside your home.
They have vents and if they're blocked can cause gas to leak outside your house.

But don't use a shovel. You can damage the meter. Washington Gas suggests using your hands or a broom.

If you're headed outside to warm up your car, be sure to clear the tail pipe first. With the amount of snow we've received, covered tailpipes pose a carbon monoxide poisoning risk.

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