Snow Possible in the Morning? Well…

Storm Team 4's Doug Kammerer tells you what to expect tomorrow and the rest of the week.

There's a chance of snow possible Tuesday morning, but whether or not you see the white stuff will depend on where you are. We asked Storm Team 4 Chief Meteorologist Doug Kammerer what he expects for Tuesday morning.

Q: We've heard that there may be snow tomorrow morning in some places. Will we see it in the D.C. metro area?

Doug: In the D.C. metro area, it will be all rain. I'm not worried about snow in the I-95 corridor. But well west and in the I-81 corridor, and in areas of elevation, there's a good chance of seeing some snow or a rain and snow mix.

There could be accumulation in the West Virginia panhandle and in extreme northern Montgomery County and in extreme northwest Loudoun County.

Q: How cold is it going to be in that rain?

Doug: I think we're looking at highs in the D.C. area in the mid-40s. In the morning, it will be right around 40.

Q: You said you expect a snowier winter this winter. Is that the case?

Doug: Yes, I think we'll be able to get a few [snow events].

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Q: As a meteorologist, are you more concerned about snow or freezing rain? Which has the greater public impact?

Doug: It always depends on the amount. But with freezing rain, a tenth of an inch at the wrong time, and you could have a problem.

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Q: What weather are you expecting after this cold snap?

Doug: After this, the pattern changes completely. We will go from where we were in most of November so far, with below average temperatures, to average temperatures if not above average temperatures at the end of the week. We need to see the rain, but it looks like we are going into a relatively dry period.

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