We Could See Snow Saturday

Areas West of D.C. Could See Snow This Weekend


We've done Snowpocalyse. We've done Snowmageddon.

But snow in October? Haven't done it in a big way since, oh, 1979.

As of Wednesday afternoon, there's a "pretty good chance" that areas to the west of the District could see some snow on Saturday, said NBC4 meteorologist Doug Kammerer.

Specifically, western Loudoun County, western Montgomery County, and close-in areas of West Virginia have the potential for wet snow Saturday morning and afternoon.

If those areas do get snow, it shouldn't stick on the roadways, and will most likely melt quickly.

You should expect the day to be cold and wet regardless of the snowy outcome. "Any way you slice it, Saturday is going to be a nasty day," Kammerer said.

Kammerer also cautioned that this is a "tricky forecast," and it has a big potential to change. NBC4 meteorologists are continuing to monitor the situation.

The area's last major October snowstorm hit Oct. 10, 1979, dumping more than a foot of snow on the region. If we do see flakes on Saturday, it should only be a small amount -- meaning we could still have a couple months to think up a new snowstorm nickname.

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