New Smithsonian Podcast, ‘Sidedoor,' to Meld Science, Art and More

What to Know

  • The Smithsonian is launching a new podcast on Oct. 26
  • The podcast will include interdisciplinary stories that range from science to art and more.

The Smithsonian is launching a new podcast Wednesday to dive into stories about science, art, history, humanity and the areas where they overlap.

"From dinosaurs to dining rooms, this podcast connects big ideas to the people who have them," according to a description of of the new podcast, "Sidedoor," on iTunes.

Smithsonian Institution

In a teaser for the podcast on iTunes, a Smithsonian brand marketing assistant revealed some of the work he and his colleagues have been up to in preparation for the podcast.

"[We've] been busy learning how to listen to the cosmos, getting backstage passes at the panda exhibit, interviewing an artist that creates virtual worlds and chatting with lots of other really interesting folks from around the Smithsonian," Tony Cohn said in the clip.

The podcast will launch on iTunes on Wednesday, but would-be listeners can begin subscribing now.

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