Smaller Speed Cameras Are Popping Up Around DC

The cameras can track multiple vehicles at once

Small speed cameras perched on poles are popping up around D.C.

New speed cameras in the District are harder to spot than the boxy cameras drivers have gotten used to.

According to their manufacturer, American Traffic Solutions, the cameras have high-resolution sensors and 3-D capability.

"The radar is able to track the exact position of up to 20 plus vehicles before and after the violation point," a company video says.

D.C. police said they could not say how many of the new cameras are being used. They are in positions where boxy cameras were vandalized, including at Massachusetts Avenue and Upton Street NW.

A map of existing, planned and proposed speed camera locations in D.C. can be found here.

Driver Phil Petrilli said the cameras are just a fact of life.

"What am I going to say? It's their right to enforce the speed limit, and I guess it's our obligation to respect it," he said.

If you get caught speeding in D.C., fines can be as high as $250.

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