Source of Oil Sheen on Potomac River Likely a Storm Drain, Coast Guard Says

Authorities are containing and investigating an oil sheen on the Potomac River near Oxon Cove.

The sheen was first reported Sunday afternoon. Crews have placed temporary inflatable barriers, called containment booms, in the area, according to a statement by the Coast Guard on Wednesday. Containment booms are used to contain oil spills and prevent pollution of shorelines. 

The source of the sheen is likely a storm drain in Oxon Cove, according to a preliminary investigation, the Coast Guard said.

Crews from the Coast Guard and D.C.'s Department of Energy and Environment (DOEE) are patrolling by land and boat as they continue to investigate.

Oxon Cove is located along the east bank of the river, south of D.C.'s, southeastern boundary with Prince George's County, Maryland, according to the DOEE.

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