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Silver Spring Woman Brings Food Trucks to Neighborhood

Amid the pandemic, food trucks connect with customers close to home

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The areas of downtown D.C. where office workers once eagerly lined up for popular food trucks aren't so busy these days, with so many people still working from home. So a Silver Spring resident has found a way to boost the hurting bottom line of these small businesses -- while helping her neighbors get a taste of what makes the metro area a mecca for foodies.

Last fall, Kyley McGeeney wondered if she could connect her neighbors in the Woodmoor area of Silver Spring with the foods they craved, while staying safe and close to home. Turns out that she could.

“We’ve sold 900 pounds of oysters from Rappahannock Oysters; we’ve sold out a Rose’s Luxury dinner drop. We’ve had three food trucks here in one week," McGeeney said. "I was amazed at the response."

Now residents are celebrating a pandemic Mardi Gras with New Orleans-style comfort food, including takeaway Hurricanes, King Cake and beignets cooked to golden brown perfection, dusted with powdered sugar while still hot. And all without leaving the neighborhood, because the food trucks come to a parking lot nearby.

“I love that we can do this," said one.

The neighbors also take joy in seeing each other in the parking lot.

I am so glad we kept the truck. It allows us to bring in the additional income.

Toyin Alli, owner of Puddin'

McGeeney, a mother of two who does not have a PR background, says she’s willing to share her knowledge with anyone who wants to try this in their own neighborhood.

“I have a spreadsheet; I have the contact numbers for food trucks and restaurant managers," she said.

Toyin Alli, the owner of Puddin', had opened a brick-and-mortar storefront and was thinking about selling her food truck, although it had always drawn lines at street corners and festivals.

Then the coronavirus pandemic hit.

“I am so glad we kept the truck," Alli said. "It allows us to bring in the additional income. Kyley does such a good job of helping us find an audience."

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