Signs of Brood X Cicadas Emerging: Look for These Clues

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Storm Team4 identified these cicada exit holes, which are about the size of dimes. You're most likely to find them near trees.
UMD Entomologist Michael Raupp
Cicadas sometimes build mud turrets before coming out.
UMD Entomologist Michael Raupp
Cicadas emerge from soil as nymphs, then climb up the nearest surface then molt into winged adults, leaving shells behind.
Seeing empty shells? Then the loud cicada mating party is about to begin (if it hasn't already). After molting, cicadas finish maturing into adults.
UMD Entomologist Michael Raupp
If you see this, we're deep in the thick of cicada season. It's when adult males make a chorus of noise to attract females. They mate, then females lay eggs, typically in trees.
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