Shots Fired in Southeast D.C. Robbery Caught on Camera

An armed robbery victim was lucky not to be injured after he was fired upon at point blank range Sunday.

The victim was selling a pair of blue Jordans to someone in the 2200 block of T Place SE, but after handing over the sneakers, instead of getting paid, he got a gun pulled on him.

Three shots were fired, but the victim managed to push the gun to the side, and no one was hit.

The robbery was caught on a security camera a resident of the neighborhood installed after another shooting in the spring.

Someone is using the address of a senior citizen who lives on the dead end street to lure people selling items via social media, according to the woman who installed the security camera. Before the man with the Jordans, a woman selling shoes and a man selling a cellphone were targeted.

On Sunday, one of the perpetrators waited on the senior citizen's front porch for the seller to arrive, the witness said.

The Metropolitan Police Department allows purchases arranged on mobile marketplaces to make the exchanges at three police stations in the city. The exchange zones are located at:

  • Special Operations Division’s Harbor Patrol, 550 Water St. SW
  • Third District, 1620 V St. NW
  • Sixth District, 5002 Hayes St. NE
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