Shoppers Adjust Habits Because of Peanut Butter Salmonella

Growing recall list has shoppers on alert

The list of products affected by the widespread salmonella outbreak has consumers thinking twice before they buy.

At grocery stores throughout the area, various peanut butter crackers, including Keebler,  have been pulled from shelves. But other brands are available still, and that has some consumers wondering what's safe and what's not.

Some consumers say they'll stay away from peanut butter all together until the salmonella investigation clears. At least 130 products have been recalled so far.

The jars of peanut butter you see the grocery stores like Jiff, Skippy and Peter Pan are not on the recall list.

Dozens of other products including Keebler and Little Debbie peanut butter crackers, Clif and Luna snack bars, and various ice creams, candies, cookies and snacks are on the list.

The contaminated peanut butter comes from King Nut brand, which is only distributed to instituions like schools, hospitals and nursing homes. The local school systems say they are not affected by the salmonella outbreak. The only peanut butter product Arlington County Schools serve is Smuckers Uncrustables and that is not on the recall list. As a precaution Montgomery and Fairfax  county schools are removing all peanut butter products from food services.

Six people have died and nearly 500 people have become sick from eating contaminated peanut butter products. For a complete list of recalled products logon to the FDA's website.

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