Shoppers Head to Web for Black Friday Deals

Sites feature variety of deals

People looking to find some Black Friday shopping deals before the fliers hit their mailboxes and the ads appear in newspapers need to look no further than the Internet.

There are a number of Web sites that help people find the best shopping deals before they brave the crowds at their local mall.

Some of the best deals are never even advertised. People can read about those deals on Web sites like and Both sites feature hot deals forums that allow bargain hunters to share their finds.

Another good place for holiday shoppers is The site allows people to compare prices and receive alerts if products fall to a price they're willing to pay.

One misconception is that the word "sale" means a good deal. One site that will allow shoppers to distinguish between the two is It allows people to check the price history of items and figure out if a sale is actually saving them money.

Before people shop at the major chains, they can check sites like, and, which may contain similar products for less money.

Other Shopping Sites:

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