Escaped Suspect Back Behind Bars

Bonrick Lee Barksdale, 25, is back in police custody after a brief escape.

He had overpowered a guard in a holding cell area at District Court in Annapolis, Md., earlier on Thursday, and was recaptured on Dewey Drive shortly before midnight.

Barksdale had been arrested Aug. 26 in Glen Burnie on a fugitive warrant from the Greensboro, N.C., police department. Authorities in North Carolina had sought him on charges including kidnapping, attempted first-degree rape, first-degree sex offense and robbery, among other charges.

He was ordered held without bond Aug. 27, but just before being transported to the Anne Arundel County Detention Center, Barksdale tried, unsuccessfully, to flee on foot. As a result, he was also charged with first-degree escape.

His next escape attempt came Thursday -- and this attempt was successful, at least briefly. Following a hearing, Barksdale was placed in a holding cell at the District Court, but overpowered a guard and forced him to open at least two doors.

Barksdale was spotted running toward the Admiral Heights neighborhood, which was subsequently locked down while police went door-to-door searching for him. Adding to concern, the neighborhood still had extensive power outages.

Later Thursday night, a resident of that community spotted someone running through the neighborhood, and called police.

Barksdale is now at the Anne Arundel County Detention Center. Authorities are still investigating his escape from the holding facility at the court house, and what he did during the time he was on the loose.

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