Sophia Barnes

Nationals Win After Bryce Harper Breaks Bat in Two on Long Home Run

Bryce Harper showed shear power in the ahead of a 8-6 win against the New York Mets.

In a startling display, the Washington Nationals slugger broke his bat into two pieces, yet still hit a long home run Monday night.

Harper's bat shattered just above his hands, and the barrel helicoptered into the high, protective netting behind home plate on the first base side.

The ball sailed far over the wall in right center at Citi Field. Harper hit his major league-leading eighth home run, a solo shot in the first inning on a 95 mph fastball from Jacob deGrom. Statcast projected the homer at 406 feet.

As Harper rounded the bases, first base coach Tim Bogar picked up the few inches of lumber left in the former NL MVP's batting gloves and handed it to a bat boy.

On his way back to the dugout, Harper playfully pulled up his sleeve to show his biceps.

Nationals fans brought high hopes and warm clothes to the season's home opener. News4's Julie Carey spoke to some die-hard fans outside of Nats Park.
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