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DC to Allow Shared Mopeds on City Streets

You can rent a bike, a scooter and, soon, a moped. 

Shared mopeds will make their way to the District for a four-month pilot program starting in August, the District Department of Transportation announced.

Once the program launches, companies can start the application process to bring their vehicles to D.C. streets.

Mopeds will join other shared-vehicle programs in D.C. that offer cars, electric bicycles and scooters on a short-term basis.

The pilot program is meant to allow the District to evaluate how mopeds will fit in with the rest of D.C.'s transportation network, DDOT Director Jeff Marootian said in a statement. 

"This is another opportunity for us to reduce dependence on single-occupancy vehicles and expand the sustainable transportation options we offer to residents and visitors," Marootian said.

D.C. law defines a moped ("motor-driven cycle") as a vehicle powered by a gas, electric or hybrid motor, with a seat or saddle and two or three wheels, able to travel no faster than 30 mph. 

Companies such as Revel and Muving have already expressed interest, reported.   

Companies that want to participate in the pilot program must meet the terms and conditions of a new Public Right of Way Occupancy Permit; among the requirements, they must mandate that riders wear helmets and have valid driver's licenses.

Although riding on sidewalks will be prohibited, riders will be permitted to park their mopeds on sidewalks located outside D.C.'s central business district, as long as they're not attached to any trees, tree boxes or planting areas and don't block the path of pedestrians.

Companies that qualify will be allowed to have up to 400 vehicles during the demonstration period.

More details will be available on DDOT's website in mid-August.

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