Andrea Swalec

Several Shots Fired Into Virginia Family's Home

A Virginia family said they are afraid to be inside their own home after it was riddled with bullets early Monday.

At 2 a.m., someone fired 11 shots in Montclair, and seven of those shots went into the home of the Zahids.

Upstairs, a bullet went through a bathroom wall, through the bathtub, through the bathroom door and then into a wall.

Lanay Zahid said she crawled on her hands and knees to check on her 3-year-old and 6-year-old boys.

“We found a hammer and a box cutter from our garage and we took it upstairs,” she said. “Our children slept in our bed. We locked the door, and I downloaded the police scanner app on my phone and listened to it until I dozed off, but I was sure biting my nails and freaking out.”

The Zahids said they asked the homeowners association for more patrols, but nothing has happened.

The homeowners association had no comment for News4.

“I’m supposed to be able to protect my family, but you rely on your neighborhood and your community to provide a little peace of mind,” Zeeshan Zahid said. “What happens when you reach out to them and they give you nothing.”

Prince William County police do not believe the Zahids were targeted. They said they think the shooting was reckless use of a firearm. They said they will increase patrols in the area.

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